World Class Ride

We’ve Lived It; You’ll Love It.

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Travel Your Way

Despite our namesake, your trip can have as much or as little adventure as you would like. You tell us how you want your vacation and we will take it from there

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Our Difference

Come experience the rewards of our experiences – 20+ years of living, riding, and vacationing in our specialty areas

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Safety First

Safety is our number one priority, so you can rest assured that all our tours are operated by certified instructors at established and reputable locations.

About World Class Ride

The tale of how we came to be (and how that benefits you).

A little about our founder

World Class Ride LLC was founded by Kirsty Wright. Kirsty was born in England and started riding at the age of six when her grandmother took her on a summer trip to ride a pony; from then on it was all horses all the time – with showing taking up most of her weekends, and horse riding vacations taking up most of her summers. After graduating high school Kirsty continued her riding career at Bishop Burton College in Yorkshire, England; and then, at the age of twenty, moved to the U.S. where her riding career continued to grow. It is from this multinational equine background that World Class Ride was born.

World Class Ride is a one of a kind, this is due to the fact that it is established on a foundation of a true knowledge of both the wants of an equine enthusiast and the understanding of the land in which the vacation is held. What makes World Class Ride different is that we have the ability to state that, not only have we visited the countries in which we specialize in, but we have lived and ridden in them. This advanced knowledge, we believe, sets us apart from the competition. This familiarity, alongside our deep and honest love of the horse allows us to help build your dream vacation – entirely designed for you and your needs.

Why World Class Ride?

While most travel agencies try to offer as many countries and tours as possible to clients, World Class Ride has two main focuses – the fifty U.S. states and the four U.K. countries. Why is this? Because WCR has intimate knowledge of both of these areas, so if you would prefer a travel consultant who doesn’t have to Google the answer to your question about the country you are visiting, then you are in the right place. From weather, to food, to experiences World Class Ride consultants can quickly and easily answer your questions so you can focus on what’s most important – having a magnificent trip.

Within our two areas of expertise there is not much that WCR cannot offer you. If you would like to spend a week touring the U.K. and one day riding – we can do it. If you would like an all-inclusive cowboy adventure in the U.S. designed specifically for single women (or families, or couples) – we can do it. If you would like a luxury riding tour of the Dartmoor National Park – we can do it. In fact all of our trips are tailor made for you and your needs. We operate with clients from around the world, not just the U.S. so wherever you are departing from we can plan your trip of a lifetime. Just fill out the contact form to get started.